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The Esoteric Archive of Rochester (The Archive) is a freely available database of esoteric files and resources, able to be edited by anyone with a free account and confirmed email address. While it is the purpose of this archive to collect, catalogue, and generally organize esoteric knowledge, we are human and we make mistakes. The Archive cannot make any guarantee about the validity of information presented.

The creator of this website, The Archivist, is not a medical doctor (nor a doctor of any variety as of this writing) and does not intend any of the information found on this website to be a substitute for medical care. Many of the works here that describe diets are over 100 years old. Do you really want to trust that old book rather than someone who is currently a medical doctor? Come on.

Any personal information you give The Archive in order to start an account (like your email address, name, username, etc.) will never be used for any other purpose. You will need to opt-in to things like mailing lists, not opt-out of them.

All uploaded or linked files (the books and texts housed in this Archive, hosted on any of the storage accounts associated with this project) are used in good faith and will never ever be behind a paywall. While The Archive makes every effort to determine the copyright status of each object, we understand mistakes may be made. Please contact nfoos if you find an item you don't believe should be here. If you don't want to make an account here to tell us about the issue (understandable!), please use this Google Form. For more information about our copyright sorting process, please check out this page on copyright law.