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Nfoos, better known as The Archivist or The Queer Forest Wizard, is the amateur archivist behind this project. If you'd like to know more about him, check out his website:

If you're looking for a guide for editing this wiki, it's here: Guide.

To ask questions or give suggestion, please check out his user discussion page: User_talk:Nfoos

To contact this guy directly, use Discord: forestwizard22#5276 or send him an email.

The Archivist[edit]

Since he has no pertinent experience and since he is, in the full sense of the word, a professional amateur, The Archivist picked his title out of a desire to be completely accurate in every way. The "title" is part aspiration and part joke. It's ok to laugh. Also, there is something magickal about using a name that wasn't your birth name.

Area of Special Interest[edit]

The Archivist is especially interested in Rosicrucianism and Spiritualism. The spiritual practices of these movements are interesting in their own right, but it's their history that draws The Archivist in.

  • What role did Spiritualism play in the women's rights movement of the late 19th century?
  • How close was Susan B Anthony (a close friend of Isaac and Amy Post, two Rochesterians who housed the Fox sisters and started the first mediumship circles) to the Spiritualist movement? How did she feel about it?
  • Are the Rosicrucian movements of the late 19th and early 20th century truly connected to the Rosicrucian movements of the 17th century?
  • What caused the renewed interest in Rosicrucianism?


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